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The terms and conditions specified in this page govern the usage of If you are using the website of Trending Technologies, it means you agree to the below mentioned terms and conditions. Hence, it is essential for you to please go through the terms mentioned below before you start using the website.

  • By making the payment, you will gain access to your course. The license of the course is exclusively provided to you, and you wouldn’t be able to transfer the license to anybody else. We will provide the related course materials to you. You shall not exploit the copyrighted materials in anyways by copying, modifying or distributing the materials to others.
  • We do not claim that the course materials would be completely error free. If you detect any error with any of the materials, we would be delighted if you bring to the notice of the trainers of Trending Technologies.

  • When you want to undergo a course, it is essential for you to make the payment upfront to again access to the curriculum. We receive the full payment before the commencement of the course. If you are making the payment from a different currency, please be aware you would be bearing any currency conversion charges. If you have any queries regarding the payment, you can definitely reach out to us. We, at Trending Technologies strive earnestly to deliver excellent customer service to all the users.
  • It is not necessary for the course materials to remain static. We reserve the rights to update the course materials as we deemed fit. We reserve the rights to alter the pricing of the courses as well. However, this wouldn’t affect the students who have already purchased the course from us.

  • You might wish not to take the course post the payment and would like to cancel the purchase. If the course hasn’t commenced yet, you will be capable of canceling the course within 3 days of making the payment. Please be aware that you will incur a cancellation charge. If the course has already commenced, then you wouldn’t be able to cancel the course anymore. Getting access to the course materials is considered as the course commencement as well.
  • Please be aware that the terms and conditions mentioned above are subject to change. We reserve the rights to alter the terms anytime, and the users would be notified about the changes through this webpage. Hence, it is mandatory for the users to periodically check the terms and conditions page to know about the current terms.

If you require any further clarifications, please don’t hesitate to contact us at +91 8374230001. We work round the clock. Hence, you can reach us any time without any issues. We are one of the organizations who deliver the most efficient customer support and would be more than delighted to assist you by all means.