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Selenium with Java Live Online Training

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Selenium with Java Live Online Training


Training Dates

Course Curriculum

Selenium Basics
Configuring Steps

Java Installation
Eclipse Installation ,confiugaration
Downloading and configuring Selenium
Step by step Instruction Guide to download Selenium
How to fix the errors in the java code?

Migrating to Webdriver latest Version
Selenium 2.0 Webdriver Architecture
webdriver Interface explanation and Invoking Browser
Selenium 3 Latest version configuration changes - *New*
Basic Methods of Webdriver
Webdriver Java concepts Notes
How to run tests in Google Chrome
How to run tests in Internet Explorer
How to run tests in Safari Browser

Importance of Locator Identifiers in Selenium
Identifying locators(id,name,linkText) with developer tools -1
Identifying locators(className) with developer tools -2
Identifying xpath in chrome and firefox Browsers
Identifying CSS locators with chrome and firefox Addons
Validating the accuracy of xpath and Css from browser addons
Practise exercises on locators learnt from the previous lectures
Generating customized xpath from html attributes
Generating customized CSS from html attributes
Practise exercises with Xpath and CSS with regular expressions
Cheat sheet

Handling Static dropdowns with Select webdriver API
Handle Dynamic dropdowns with Webdriver API
Handling Checkboxes with webdriver API
Dropdowns, Checkboxes code download
Handling Radiobuttons with Customized xpath
Handling Radiobutton dynamically- real time examples
Radiobutton code download
Types of Alerts present and Methods to handle them
Handling Java Alerts using Webdriver API
Alerts code download
Web Elements Validations

What is Implicit wait? Explain with real time scenario
What is explicit wait? Explain with real time scenario
Practical examples on Implicit wait
Practical examples on explicit waits

Handling Ajax/Mouse Interactions
Actions class-real time example
Handling Multiple Windows
Window Handle concepts-real time example
Live Example on working with Child windows
How to handle Frames?
Frames Techniques-real time example

Test Cases- Practise Exercise
Exercise 1.1-Limiting Webdriver scope
Getting Count of links int the pages,sections
Testcases-Practise Exercise-2
Exercise 2.1-Dynamic data in Websites
Exercise 2.2-Dynamic Links Handling
Exercise 2.3-Validations

Problem - Description
Idenitifying frames from Html view
Element Hidden or Invisible-How to validate
Writing Generic functions to Identify Frames/Windows
Example Demonstrating Multiple Frames
Handling Auto suggestive dropdown options
Dynamic data loading- Excpetion Techniques

Framework Part -1 - TestNG
Framework Part -2 -Data driven Framework

What are Java collections
Implementation of Arrays List
Examples of ArrayList
Array List Code download
Implementation of Set interface
Examples of HashSet using Iterator
Implementation of Map interface
Code explaining hashset and hashmap
Difference between HashMap and HashTable (Interview )
Practise Exercise : Priniting unique number- Amazon interview ques

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