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MongoDB Live Online Training

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MongoDB Live Online Training


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Course Curriculum

What Is NoSQL?
Why NoSQL databases are required.
Types of NoSQL Database
NoSQL vs SQL Comparison
ACID and BASE Property
CAP Theorem
Benefits of NoSQL databases
Start and Stop the MongoDB Process

Document, Collection, Databases
Storage Engines (WiredTiger and MMAP)
Read Path
Write Path
Working Set
Capped Collection
Oplog collection
TTL Index

Mongodb Data Types
Inserting, Update, Deleting the documents
Querying the documents
Bulk insert operation
Updating multiple document
Limiting documents
Filtering documents

Database status
Troubleshooting issues
Current Operations
Rotating log files
Users and Roles
Copy and Clone database
DB and Collection Stats
Explain plan
Changing configuration files
Upgrading the database

Concept of replication
ReplicaSet member roles
Voting and Electing primary
Role of Oplog in replication
Read and Write Concern
Arbiter,Hidden and Delayed replica node
Priority settings
Replicaset nodes health check
Concept of resyncing the nodes
Rollbacks during failover
Keyfile authentication
Index concepts in mongodb
Types of indexes
Indexes and its use cases
Creating Indexes

Concept of backups
Oplog backups
LVM Backups
Backups using MMS/Ops Manager
Purpose of security
Authentication and authorization
Role based access control

Concept of Scalability
Sharding concept
Shardkey and Chunks
Choosing shardkey
Sharding components
Types of Sharding

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