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Machine Learning Live Online Training

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Machine Learning Live Online Training


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Course Curriculum

Base Models
Linear Regression,Logistic Regression,KNN,K-Mean,Decision Trees
Cost Function / Sum of Least Squares / Variable Selection / Model Validation and
Acceptance Criteria / Gradient Descent Graph
Ensemble Models
Bagging,Boosting,Random Forest,Ada-Boost,Gradient Boosting Machines,Support Vector Machines
Deep Learning
Perception,Neural Network(Forward Feed),Artificial Neural Network(Forward Feed with Back Propagation0,
CNN(Conventional Neural Network),RNN(Recurring Neural Network),LSTM(Long Short Term Memory)
Genetic Programming
Genetic Programs(LRCN-Long Term Recurrent Convolutional Network),GAN(General Adversarial Network),DCGAN
NLP and Dimensional Reductions
NLTK(Natural Language Tool Kit),Open NLP(Natural Language Programming),PCA(Principal Component Analysis),
SVD(Singular Vector Decomposition),Real Time Chat Bot(Implementation of Reflexes and Synthesis)

Map Reduce,HDFS,HIVE,HBase,Scoop

SPARK Basic and Advance Programming on SPARK-R and PY-SPARK

Amazon WebServer,Microsoft Azure

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Have any queries regarding course curriculum, speak to our course advisor