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AWS(Amazon Web Services) Cloud Live Online Training

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AWS(Amazon Web Services) Cloud Live Online Training


Training Dates

Course Curriculum

What is Cloud Computing
Deployment models of Cloud Computing
Service Models of Cloud Computing
Benefits of Cloud Computing

Short history of AWS
AWS platform with Core services
Overview of AWS certifications

On Demand, Spot and Reserved instances
Launching Linux and Windows EC2 instance
Setting up the security groups
Private IP, Public IP, Elastic IP
Logging into instances Linux and Windows
Creating AMI, Copying AMI
Tagging EC2 instances, Bootstrapping

Using VPC wizard, setup different network types
Creating new VPC
Managing NACL and Security groups
Public and private subnets
Route tables, IGW

Managing S3 buckets
Adding objects to buckets
Uses of S3 storage
Permissions of S3
Versioning and Life cycles in S3
Data archiving and backups in Glacier

Creating and Deleting Volumes
Attaching and detaching volumes
Creating snapshots
Increasing volume size
Mounting and unmounting volumes

Creating load balancer
Internal and external load balancer
Load balancing Protocols
Configuring health check
Attaching instances to load balancer
Troubleshooting “Out of Service

Creating and managing RDS instances
Connecting to RDS instances
Creating and restoring snapshots
RDS security groups, parameter groups, Subnet groups
What is MultiAZ

Creating users in IAM
Setting up MFA
Creating groups, policies and roles
Access keys and secret keys
Delegation of permissions to users
Policy simulator

Managing hosted zones
Creating record sets
Types of routing policies
Creating health checks

Monitoring AWS service health dashboard
Different services under cloud watch and there metrics
Setting up notifications
Creation of topics
Subscribing to topics
Setting notification for EC2

Configuring Launch configuration
Configuring auto scaling policies
Using auto scaling with Load balancer
Knowing elasticity, scalability, HA, DR concepts

Short live demo of how to architect on AWS using its different services

Creating template, knowing its basic building blocks
Executing stack

Understanding API call logs and monitoring

Estimating the monthly cost using calculator

This is the implementation module, of what we have learnt so far in AWS training..
Overview of AWS Certification
Hands on Workshop

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Have any queries regarding course curriculum, speak to our course advisor