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Angular JS

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Angular JS Live Online Training


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Course Curriculum

What is Angular?
Angular (vs) Angular2 (vs) Angular4 (vs) Angular5 (vs) Angular5 (vs) Angular6
Setup for local environment

Structural directives (Built-in Directives (ngIF, ngFor, ngSwitch)
Style and Class Directives ( ngClass, ngStyle)
Attribute directives
Host Listener and Host Binding

Property binding and Interpolation
Event binding
Two-way Binding
Use of @Input and @Output

What are components?
Understanding Components lifecycle hooks
Creating and using components
Dynamic components using ngComponentOutlet

Root App module
Ahead-Of-Time(AOT) Compilation
Feature modules
Lazy Loading a Module
Shared Module
Template Driven Forms
Model Driven and Reactive Forms
Form with @ViewChild

Why pipes are useful?
Parameterizing pipes
Custom pipes
Pure and Impure pipes
Async pipes

Creating Service
Logger Service
$http Service
DI in Angular Framework

Configuring and Navigating
Parameterized routes

Creating Services
Creating Components
Creating Routings
Configuring NgModule
Run the application

Step-by-Step procedure for building the project from ground up

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Have any queries regarding course curriculum, speak to our course advisor